Product care

Product care for your Wild Wawa alpaca clothing and accessories is very easy. With a little care and attention Wild Wawa products last for years if not decades. Items made from 100% alpaca you can dry-clean or hand was cold. You only need to wash an alpaca product when it is actually dirty.

Hand wash cold

Hand wash cold and separate.  Take sufficient cold water to wash the item and add some (baby) shampoo. Submerge the item and massage it without rubbing or wringing. Leave to stand for some minutes and massage again. Rinse thoroughly with cold water. Drain excess water without wringing. You can remove more water by rolling the item into a towel and leave it rolled up for some minutes. Dry the item flat without a direct heat source or sunlight.

Further advice

  • Never use a washing machine or dryer for alpaca products.
  • It is possible that a dyed Wild Wawa product stains the water at first wash. This has no detrimental impact on the intensity of the colour. Our natural coloured items obviously don’t stain at first wash!
  • Only use cold water with soft soap like (baby) shampoo. Never use aggressive washing powder, bleach or a brush. Applying the above instructions will remove almost any stain in full.
  • Never wring, rub, hang or stretch an alpaca product when wet.
  • You can iron an alpaca product to remove creases when dry. Use medium heat and steam with a cloth between the iron and the product. You can also hang the dry alpaca product in a steamy bathroom to remove creases.
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